Firewatch: A fantastic trip to the Forest


Camposanto made an awesome game that has a good story and well developed characters.

      The setting is in the Wyoming Wilderness on 1989. You play as Henry, who has a sad background story before he took a job on a lookout tower. The only friend he has is his superior named Delilah and the only way he talks to her is with a handheld radio.

      If you think that this is going to be a boring trip to the forest you’re wrong. The Wyoming Wilderness hold a strange mystery that’s going to keep you curious until the end.

      The game has beautiful graphics and a great map and compass to guide you through the adventure. The soundtrack, made by Chris Remo is also really good.

      No wonder the game was awarded as one of the Best Games of 2016.  The game is available to download for the PlayStation 4 in the PlayStation Store. 

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The Park: The shortest spooky game


       The concept of this game is based on a cursed twisted version of Hansel and Gretel.

    A mother is looking for her son in a park that has a horrifying secret that you have of read clues to find out what happened.

        It became spookier when you get to the house of horrors. The graphics got more violent and disturbing. Sadly, it was short and a final that I’m not telling because it could be a spoiler.

        I was kind of disappointed because it was a game with a lot of potential.



Photos from the Playstation Store


Abzû: Beautiful and Stunning




              After a long stressful day, you want to relax. Some people think that going to the beach is      relaxing. Others like to snorkeling.

              But you don’t have vacation days or don’t know how to swim.

              Don’t worry because Giant Squid and 505 Games created this awesome game for the PS4. For your consideration, I introduce you to Abzû.

               The concept of the games looks like Flow, Flower, Journey and the PS4 version of Koi. Your character goes deep into the ocean and swim with fishes of different shapes and sizes. Imagine yourself swimming with killer whales, sharks and giant squids. At the same time, you’re saving the ocean and restoring its beauty.

               The graphics are stunning and the concept is interesting. The control is sometimes annoying, but the game is really good. I can’t imagine this on Virtual Reality. It will be awesome. Why they didn’t make this game for the PS Vita?

                The game is available to download on the PS Store for the PS4. And the photos you’re watching are from my picture gallery of the game.

Sparkle, Spooks and Revolution


Sorry for the delay. Too many medical appointments. But I’m back.

sparkle-unleashed-box-art-01-ps4-ps3-psvita-us-2jun15            Keeps Getting Better

This new version of the franchise has the same goal as the previous two. The world is full of darkness and we have     to bring light back by eliminating orbs.

But 10 Tons didn’t made it a boring game. There are some very interesting changes.

1. You can change your power ups depending of your needs. Go to menu, press the middle button and select the ones you need.

2. It’s longer than the previous ones, no game over and you can save everywhere.

3. There are some time controlled levels. You need to survive mostly 120 seconds to win.

4. There’s help for people who doesn’t have a sniper shot (push the triangle button) and the color blind. (at the main page go to options and press the colorblind assist)

5. They add two sets of orbs for making our game more challenging:

– The chained orbs: you have to break them in order to eliminate them. And they send lots of those.

–  I called this ones the lava orbs: to eliminate them you have to hit them three times with the same color. If you don’t remove them quick they can get in the hole and make you lose the level.

6. The deeper you go, the levels begin to be shorter, with more chained and/or lava orbs.

The game is really good and challenging. You’ll spend lots of time to complete it. A+

The game is available for PS4 and PS Vita on the PlayStation Shop.

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Next subject: A request for I-tunes Movies

Dear I-tunes movies:

Would you be so kind to add in your collection the movie Spooks the Greater Good? USA didn’t bring it to the theaters, but there are some people that want to see it. Specially the ones that like three things: Spy movies, Kit Haringtion or Both. Below is the photo of the movie soundtrack. I’ll be asking for it everyday on your twitter account until you add it. It’s already in the UK I-tunes Movies, but we can’t buy it there. I’ll appreciate it very much.

Spooks Movie

Spooks Movie

If somebody else wants to see it too, you can retweet this or ask them at @itunesmovies.

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You still want to be part of the Revolution and have a Twitter account? Well, here’s another way to #unite

Just go here: and follow the instructions.

Here’s mine and with this I say have a good day. See you next time.

Revolution 2

Pokemon Rumble World Review


This game has a different concept and gameplay style.

There’s a King who ask you to catch some Pokémon for him. You can use your favorite Mii character to play.  To get to different worlds, you need to buy some balloons at the store.

On that store you can buy among other things clothes for your Mii and power-ups using points or gems.

Those gems can be obtained by finishing special missions for the King, when you receive five players via online and by buying them at the Nintendo e-shop. And that reminded me of the games you buy for your tablets, etc.

You can receive visitors via online. They can give you jewels and missions. Since you can call different people everyday, you’ll not be bored.

Poké is being very generous by giving away passwords to get new Pokémon. To use them, you need to be level four on the game. To level up, you have to catch lots of Pokémon. The site keeps adding new passwords, so you need to be checking the site.

I give it an A. The gems are expensive, but aside for that, it’s a good game. I also like the new concept. It makes the experience less boring.

You can get this game for the Nintendo 3DS for free at the Nintendo e-shop. The gems too, but they’re not cheap.

Hohokum: A Beautiful Game


This game is beautiful, has relaxing music and exquisite graphics.

The goal of this game is collecting snakes who ride around different worlds. Sometimes is kind of frustrating because you don’t have an organized guide. So, to get those snakes, you need to interact with everything. And when I say anything, I mean anything.

If you want to relax and don’t care about organized games, this is the game for you.

You can buy it for PS3, PS4 and Vita via download on PlayStation Store.

Dream Reader Assignment #4

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This post today is for all those Nintendo 3DS players out there who ask which one is better:

Tomodachi Life

Animal Crossing New Leaf

Disney Magical World

My answer is depending in what you want to do.

Tomodachi Life let’s you bring people to your island and interact with them. They also interact with each other, get married and have kids. There are not special events if you miss some days, nothing happens. You can also write songs and play with them. If you want a game that doesn’t need too much maintenance, this is your game.

Animal Crossing on the other hand, needs lots of maintenance. After all, you’re the mayor of the town. In this game you interact with the people that moves there and help them by bringing them food, delivering stuff for them, fish, catch bugs and sometimes even as a interior decorator. You can sell your stuff in a  Re-tail store. And you use that money for building a better house, decorate it, buy clothes and accessories and to build projects for your town. (like cafe’s, statues, benches. etc.) It has lots of interesting events like bug catching contests, fishing contests and holiday events. If you like to create your dream town and make time everyday to go there, this is your game.

Last but not least, Disney Magical World. Like the name says it’s all about Disney. In this game, you go into missions to bring certain objects or food to the townspeople. They will trade them with objects you’re going to need like, recipes, materials for making clothes, seeds and other items. You also have the chance to run a café and make parties in it with sometimes very important guests. At the beginning it was good, new worlds, clothes, etc. But after some time, you can get bored like I’m right now. The other problem this game has is that you need to go to Nintendo Zones to get new items. And not everybody has a Nintendo Zone close. The other problem this game has is that fishing is a frustrating and horrible process. This game doesn’t need lots of maintenance.  If you love Disney, go to missions, run cafes and you have a Nintendo Zone close to you, this is the game you need.

I hope that this post will make your buying decision easier.