Who am I and why I’m here?

I like to write. And I have a journal, you know the notebook one. So, why I’m blogging now? Because the journal is for private stuff. Blogging is for simple common stuff.

Like what? Well, movie and videogame reviews and other crazy data I can find in my life or the web.  I also want to put something positive in people’s heads. Like, for example, did you saw the Mockingjay Pt. 1 Trailer? Is awesome!

I wish that I can share my eccentric life with people that can relate with me. And, in a year I hope, first, to improve my writing skills and leave a positive vibe on somebody’s life.

Why I wanted to write was a question I had in my mind for years. I hope can write stories that make people feel better.

So, this is me. Nice to meet you. Hope you enjoy this crazy place.