Two Strong Woman

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Yesterday, after having trouble with Netflix, I finished watching Ingobernable. The political drama is very good and has great characters. What I didn’t like was the fact that they put voice over (the series was made in Spanish) and, sometimes didn’t look good.┬áKate del Castillo made a good job as the First Lady of Mexico. Can’t hardly wait for Season 2.

Brimstone is a very interesting western movie. Dakota Fanning made an excellent job playing a mute woman who was “stalked” by a heinous reverend that I hate really much. He also made an awesome job.

A lot of people criticize Kit Harington’s role on it. First thing, he was not the main character. And, for being a British dude, he did a good performance as an American cowboy. The fact of accepting “small roles” like this tells us that he doesn’t care if he’s the main actor or not. And that’s a good thing if you want to keep working in acting.

The soundtrack was really good too.

Both stories are really good and show us that woman can be strong too.

Ingobernable is available on Netflix. Brimstone is available to buy on I-tunes.






Breast Cancer Awareness

October is the National Breast Cancer Awareness month. This type of cancer be cured if you discovered in early stages. So having a mammogram made is really important.

Sometimes those naughty bad cells hide pretty well and you can’t feel them. In my case, the cells were hidden deep in the breast and only the mammogram detected them.

I know those mammograms are painful, but they can save your life.

Please ladies and gentleman, talk to your doctor about it. Specially if in you have or had a family member with┬ácancer. It’s worth it.

Take care.