Firewatch: A fantastic trip to the Forest

Camposanto made an awesome game that has a good story and well developed characters.       The setting is in the Wyoming Wilderness on 1989. You play as Henry, who has a sad background story be…

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The Park: The shortest spooky game


       The concept of this game is based on a cursed twisted version of Hansel and Gretel.

    A mother is looking for her son in a park that has a horrifying secret that you have of read clues to find out what happened.

        It became spookier when you get to the house of horrors. The graphics got more violent and disturbing. Sadly, it was short and a final that I’m not telling because it could be a spoiler.

        I was kind of disappointed because it was a game with a lot of potential.



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First Crush

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “First Crush.”

I’ll say:

Dear Loser:

I spent too many years crying for you. And I realized that it was in vain. After all, I’m still invisible for you.

You made me feel horrible, that nobody will like me or love me. I never knew why.

Of course, at that time, I  wasn’t  diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and Acute Severe Depression.

After receiving the diagnosis, I realized that, you’ll never date a girl like me and that you’re a complete dirt bag.

I still don’t have a boyfriend and, as I see things, I’ll never have one. But I learn that if someday

somebody have the guts to ask me out, to handle an eccentric person like me, I’ll be sure that if he’s like you I prefer to be alone. Thanks for showing me that.

Sayonara Loser,


Everybody’s gone to the Rapture: Mixed Feelings


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When I saw the preview of this game, I thought that it will be like Fatal Frame.
After spending 8GB from my data plan and almost 3 hours playing it, I’m extremely disappointed.
I have to say that the graphics are amazing. They spend a lot of time with them. The concept was original. But they didn’t use it well. Wanting to know what in the world happened in this town opens your curiosity to keep playing. But after walking around without any sense is sad and extremely boring.
The control doesn’t help much. Especially when you get in front of those light balls.
(BTW, those lights remind me of a movie called The Darkest Hour.)
It’s frustrating. One of them took me almost 30 minutes to activate one.
An automatic saving system was not good because, the gray dot is so small that you never know when they’re saving. A save point would be better.
It’s sad to play a game with some much unused potential. I have mixed feelings about this game. But if you’re not sure about this game, don’t let the curiosity make you waste your time, gigabytes and money.
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Falling Skies: The final battle


When I read last year that this was going to be the last season, I cried.
And I’m not the only one. Since 2011, we’ve been following 2nd Mass. To see everybody grow into this highly organized mobile battalion that is today. I’ve been watching their You Tube videos looking back at what they do and when their voices begin to shake I feel sad.
I’m going to miss them. Hell yeah I will. They thought me to not depend much on money or electronic technology. All that could be a waste in a disaster.
Although I feel sad, I know that, if they keep stretching the script, it could turn in a disaster.
So, I want to thank everybody who worked in the show for making the most awesome Sci -fi show ever made. I salute the 2nd Mass with pride and honor.
And there’s always the DVD Marathons. Speaking of,  the Season 4 DVD is out now.
The Final Battle begins on June 28 on TNT.

Pokemon Rumble World Review


This game has a different concept and gameplay style.

There’s a King who ask you to catch some Pokémon for him. You can use your favorite Mii character to play.  To get to different worlds, you need to buy some balloons at the store.

On that store you can buy among other things clothes for your Mii and power-ups using points or gems.

Those gems can be obtained by finishing special missions for the King, when you receive five players via online and by buying them at the Nintendo e-shop. And that reminded me of the games you buy for your tablets, etc.

You can receive visitors via online. They can give you jewels and missions. Since you can call different people everyday, you’ll not be bored.

Poké is being very generous by giving away passwords to get new Pokémon. To use them, you need to be level four on the game. To level up, you have to catch lots of Pokémon. The site keeps adding new passwords, so you need to be checking the site.

I give it an A. The gems are expensive, but aside for that, it’s a good game. I also like the new concept. It makes the experience less boring.

You can get this game for the Nintendo 3DS for free at the Nintendo e-shop. The gems too, but they’re not cheap.


Hi! Nice to meet you.

Last year, I try to create a decent blog, but I didn’t put to much attention to it. After some serious thought, I decided to make time to write and post. So, I erased the old one and begin to write here. I hope to post every Friday. (maybe some other time too)

What you will see here? Videogame reviews, some poetry and other crazy stuff I could find.

Hope you like it.