Two Strong Woman

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Yesterday, after having trouble with Netflix, I finished watching Ingobernable. The political drama is very good and has great characters. What I didn’t like was the fact that they put voice over (the series was made in Spanish) and, sometimes didn’t look good. Kate del Castillo made a good job as the First Lady of Mexico. Can’t hardly wait for Season 2.

Brimstone is a very interesting western movie. Dakota Fanning made an excellent job playing a mute woman who was “stalked” by a heinous reverend that I hate really much. He also made an awesome job.

A lot of people criticize Kit Harington’s role on it. First thing, he was not the main character. And, for being a British dude, he did a good performance as an American cowboy. The fact of accepting “small roles” like this tells us that he doesn’t care if he’s the main actor or not. And that’s a good thing if you want to keep working in acting.

The soundtrack was really good too.

Both stories are really good and show us that woman can be strong too.

Ingobernable is available on Netflix. Brimstone is available to buy on I-tunes.






New Look and the Tomorrow Children

Hello again:

I decided to change the look of the blog and I want your opinion. Please, feel free to tell if you like it or not.

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with another review. Enjoy!

The Tomorrow Children: Sweat it for Motherland




(Pic Collage from personal photos, the rest are from the PlayStation store)

Q-games is the maker of this online multiplayer for the PlayStation 4. Playing alone like me? Don’t worry, you can play it too.

In this post-apocalyptic game, you’re a clone child that has to help build down towns for 500 “Matryoshka People”. You have to provide them food, wood, coal, crystal, metal, energy and shelter. How? By traveling to different islands to collect them. You also have to collect the people too.

At the beginning it can be hard. This game doesn’t stop when you stop playing. So, maybe things are not going to be the same way you left them. That could be good or extremely frustrating.

The islands are cool and well-constructed, but sometimes you can get bored of traveling those places over and over. Another thing that can frustrate you is the amount of monsters that can destroy everything you have done.

Overall, the concept is interesting, cool and sometimes addictive.

The game can be downloaded for free at the PlayStation Store.



Abzû: Beautiful and Stunning




              After a long stressful day, you want to relax. Some people think that going to the beach is      relaxing. Others like to snorkeling.

              But you don’t have vacation days or don’t know how to swim.

              Don’t worry because Giant Squid and 505 Games created this awesome game for the PS4. For your consideration, I introduce you to Abzû.

               The concept of the games looks like Flow, Flower, Journey and the PS4 version of Koi. Your character goes deep into the ocean and swim with fishes of different shapes and sizes. Imagine yourself swimming with killer whales, sharks and giant squids. At the same time, you’re saving the ocean and restoring its beauty.

               The graphics are stunning and the concept is interesting. The control is sometimes annoying, but the game is really good. I can’t imagine this on Virtual Reality. It will be awesome. Why they didn’t make this game for the PS Vita?

                The game is available to download on the PS Store for the PS4. And the photos you’re watching are from my picture gallery of the game.

Pay to get Published?

I love writing but helps me clean my mind. And like lots of the writers out there, it could be cool if someone publish something I wrote for the humanity to read.

But maybe you notice, just as I did that, for publishing something you need to pay for it. I try to publish a story today on a magazine and they asked me for $20.00 and a year subscription fee. I try to publish on others, they ask for $10.00 fees too.

There’s also the people who want to give you “free advice”, but that advice sometimes comes with a catch. They begin to give you free books and then they throw you the fees for getting “advice”. I also saw a “free advice” that cost $150.00.

So what is this new thing? Pay to get published? It sounds like that illegal thing in the music business called “Pay for play”.

This is a disgusting way to deal with new writers. We need to stand up and stop this.

We can’t get discouraged to keep writing. I still love writing and I keep writing. Even if nobody will read my stuff.

Jon Snow Memorial??


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Before somebody say: “Oh my God! Another fan crying for him. Get over it.” I have to say I only write on Fridays.

And, yeah I’m another girl crying for Jon Snow, so what? Trust me there are still people crying over this.

I don’t have HBO or HBO Now. I don’t know nothing about what happened this season. So, when I went to Yahoo to check my e-mail on Monday, the first thing I read was about him. No spoiler alert or a general review of the season finale. No. Those morons threw it like everybody watched the show. (Buy the way, in the UK, Game of Thrones is showed on Monday.)

I felt the same way Jennifer Lawrence felt when she met Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody on Homeland) and the reporter asked her if she knew that Brody died on the show. Jennifer was pissed.

“Oh my God! You’re mean. Now I have to wait for the DVD to watch it. You’re a monster.” She told the reporter.

This is my message for those people: “Thank you for ruining my Monday bunch of dirtbags. Happy now?”

And for the love of God, can you put better pictures of Jon? The ones that are used doesn’t make any justice for him. In short words, they were ugly. If you didn’t found better pictures, I suggest you to go here: and you have a huge variety of pictures to choose from like, for example, the one that I put here.

After seeing so many theories of his fate in the show, I’m really confused. And now I have to wait a year for the DVD to check the awesome episode everybody talks about and what really happened here.

And that really Sucks!

If that was the end of the 998th Lord Commander of the Nights Watch, he deserves a song. (Like the ones that, according to the books, were written for fallen heroes) He didn’t have a noble last name, but he did better that almost all the nobles of Westeros.

I just hope we can see more of Kit Harington after this. And thanks for your awesome job. You’ll be missed.

Ps. Kit Harington doesn’t have any social media accounts.

So these pages: and are independent sites dedicated to collect everything that he do since his career begin. They do an awesome job.

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is the National Breast Cancer Awareness month. This type of cancer be cured if you discovered in early stages. So having a mammogram made is really important.

Sometimes those naughty bad cells hide pretty well and you can’t feel them. In my case, the cells were hidden deep in the breast and only the mammogram detected them.

I know those mammograms are painful, but they can save your life.

Please ladies and gentleman, talk to your doctor about it. Specially if in you have or had a family member with cancer. It’s worth it.

Take care.