The Park: The shortest spooky game


       The concept of this game is based on a cursed twisted version of Hansel and Gretel.

    A mother is looking for her son in a park that has a horrifying secret that you have of read clues to find out what happened.

        It became spookier when you get to the house of horrors. The graphics got more violent and disturbing. Sadly, it was short and a final that I’m not telling because it could be a spoiler.

        I was kind of disappointed because it was a game with a lot of potential.



Photos from the Playstation Store



Breast Cancer Awareness

October is the National Breast Cancer Awareness month. This type of cancer be cured if you discovered in early stages. So having a mammogram made is really important.

Sometimes those naughty bad cells hide pretty well and you can’t feel them. In my case, the cells were hidden deep in the breast and only the mammogram detected them.

I know those mammograms are painful, but they can save your life.

Please ladies and gentleman, talk to your doctor about it. Specially if in you have or had a family member with cancer. It’s worth it.

Take care.


This week, I’ve been very busy and I didn’t have time to write. But, I manage to write something. And I’ve been doing changes. This week, PlayStation Vita made an update that gives you the chance to change the theme of the console. And I love to change wallpapers. I’m also doing bracelets in many colors. I like variety on my life. New techniques, new colors and shapes. But, not all the time.

Let’s see what happens this week…