Two Strong Woman

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Yesterday, after having trouble with Netflix, I finished watching Ingobernable. The political drama is very good and has great characters. What I didn’t like was the fact that they put voice over (the series was made in Spanish) and, sometimes didn’t look good. Kate del Castillo made a good job as the First Lady of Mexico. Can’t hardly wait for Season 2.

Brimstone is a very interesting western movie. Dakota Fanning made an excellent job playing a mute woman who was “stalked” by a heinous reverend that I hate really much. He also made an awesome job.

A lot of people criticize Kit Harington’s role on it. First thing, he was not the main character. And, for being a British dude, he did a good performance as an American cowboy. The fact of accepting “small roles” like this tells us that he doesn’t care if he’s the main actor or not. And that’s a good thing if you want to keep working in acting.

The soundtrack was really good too.

Both stories are really good and show us that woman can be strong too.

Ingobernable is available on Netflix. Brimstone is available to buy on I-tunes.






Firewatch: A fantastic trip to the Forest


Camposanto made an awesome game that has a good story and well developed characters.

      The setting is in the Wyoming Wilderness on 1989. You play as Henry, who has a sad background story before he took a job on a lookout tower. The only friend he has is his superior named Delilah and the only way he talks to her is with a handheld radio.

      If you think that this is going to be a boring trip to the forest you’re wrong. The Wyoming Wilderness hold a strange mystery that’s going to keep you curious until the end.

      The game has beautiful graphics and a great map and compass to guide you through the adventure. The soundtrack, made by Chris Remo is also really good.

      No wonder the game was awarded as one of the Best Games of 2016.  The game is available to download for the PlayStation 4 in the PlayStation Store. 

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New Look and the Tomorrow Children

Hello again:

I decided to change the look of the blog and I want your opinion. Please, feel free to tell if you like it or not.

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with another review. Enjoy!

The Tomorrow Children: Sweat it for Motherland




(Pic Collage from personal photos, the rest are from the PlayStation store)

Q-games is the maker of this online multiplayer for the PlayStation 4. Playing alone like me? Don’t worry, you can play it too.

In this post-apocalyptic game, you’re a clone child that has to help build down towns for 500 “Matryoshka People”. You have to provide them food, wood, coal, crystal, metal, energy and shelter. How? By traveling to different islands to collect them. You also have to collect the people too.

At the beginning it can be hard. This game doesn’t stop when you stop playing. So, maybe things are not going to be the same way you left them. That could be good or extremely frustrating.

The islands are cool and well-constructed, but sometimes you can get bored of traveling those places over and over. Another thing that can frustrate you is the amount of monsters that can destroy everything you have done.

Overall, the concept is interesting, cool and sometimes addictive.

The game can be downloaded for free at the PlayStation Store.



Oxenfree: Close encounters of the Radio kind?

Left pic from PlayStation Store. Right pics: Personal Files


     Night School Studio made a very interesting game with a good plot, fun characters and beautiful settings.

      The story is about a group of teenagers that goes to Edward Island to have a beach party. (Photo #3 from left to right: Jonas, Ren, Nona, Alex and Clarissa) But the party gets weird when they decide to check an urban legend. The urban legend has to do with listening weird things on different radio frequencies. Your goal is to investigate the island and get out of there alive. 

      The main character is Alex and when she speaks, they give you a choice of what to say. The answers you give can alter the game plot and you have to answer quickly. You have to use the Δ,Ο or □ buttons to answer.

       The game gets more interesting as you unravel the mysteries of the island.

        As I said before, the concept is good, the graphics are beautiful and leaves you with the desire to play more.

   Oxenfree is available for download to your PS4 on the PlayStation Store.


Severed: One of the best games of April







This month, Drinkbox Studios released a very good game.

This is a rare RPG in which your character with no name realizes that she doesn’t have an arm and her family is gone. To save them, and maybe, get her arm back, she has to travel through a colorful world full of surprises and monsters.

The battle method is slashing your enemy. But if you think that is like Fruit Ninja, you’re wrong. Trust me, I tired. The enemy can come alone or they bring a few friends.

You also have to find clues and items to keep playing.

The only thing I don’t like about it is the fact that there are not many fruits that help her health.

It’s a great game and keeps you guessing.

Highly recommended. You can get this game for the Vita on the PS Store.

Photo from the PlayStation Store.