Oxenfree: Close encounters of the Radio kind?

Left pic from PlayStation Store. Right pics: Personal Files


     Night School Studio made a very interesting game with a good plot, fun characters and beautiful settings.

      The story is about a group of teenagers that goes to Edward Island to have a beach party. (Photo #3 from left to right: Jonas, Ren, Nona, Alex and Clarissa) But the party gets weird when they decide to check an urban legend. The urban legend has to do with listening weird things on different radio frequencies. Your goal is to investigate the island and get out of there alive. 

      The main character is Alex and when she speaks, they give you a choice of what to say. The answers you give can alter the game plot and you have to answer quickly. You have to use the Δ,Ο or □ buttons to answer.

       The game gets more interesting as you unravel the mysteries of the island.

        As I said before, the concept is good, the graphics are beautiful and leaves you with the desire to play more.

   Oxenfree is available for download to your PS4 on the PlayStation Store.



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