Severed: One of the best games of April







This month, Drinkbox Studios released a very good game.

This is a rare RPG in which your character with no name realizes that she doesn’t have an arm and her family is gone. To save them, and maybe, get her arm back, she has to travel through a colorful world full of surprises and monsters.

The battle method is slashing your enemy. But if you think that is like Fruit Ninja, you’re wrong. Trust me, I tired. The enemy can come alone or they bring a few friends.

You also have to find clues and items to keep playing.

The only thing I don’t like about it is the fact that there are not many fruits that help her health.

It’s a great game and keeps you guessing.

Highly recommended. You can get this game for the Vita on the PS Store.

Photo from the PlayStation Store.






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