Pay to get Published?

I love writing but helps me clean my mind. And like lots of the writers out there, it could be cool if someone publish something I wrote for the humanity to read.

But maybe you notice, just as I did that, for publishing something you need to pay for it. I try to publish a story today on a magazine and they asked me for $20.00 and a year subscription fee. I try to publish on others, they ask for $10.00 fees too.

There’s also the people who want to give you “free advice”, but that advice sometimes comes with a catch. They begin to give you free books and then they throw you the fees for getting “advice”. I also saw a “free advice” that cost $150.00.

So what is this new thing? Pay to get published? It sounds like that illegal thing in the music business called “Pay for play”.

This is a disgusting way to deal with new writers. We need to stand up and stop this.

We can’t get discouraged to keep writing. I still love writing and I keep writing. Even if nobody will read my stuff.


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