Everybody’s gone to the Rapture: Mixed Feelings


Photo from consolelife.ru

When I saw the preview of this game, I thought that it will be like Fatal Frame.
After spending 8GB from my data plan and almost 3 hours playing it, I’m extremely disappointed.
I have to say that the graphics are amazing. They spend a lot of time with them. The concept was original. But they didn’t use it well. Wanting to know what in the world happened in this town opens your curiosity to keep playing. But after walking around without any sense is sad and extremely boring.
The control doesn’t help much. Especially when you get in front of those light balls.
(BTW, those lights remind me of a movie called The Darkest Hour.)
It’s frustrating. One of them took me almost 30 minutes to activate one.
An automatic saving system was not good because, the gray dot is so small that you never know when they’re saving. A save point would be better.
It’s sad to play a game with some much unused potential. I have mixed feelings about this game. But if you’re not sure about this game, don’t let the curiosity make you waste your time, gigabytes and money.
#videogames #PS4


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