Jon Snow Memorial??


(photo from

Before somebody say: “Oh my God! Another fan crying for him. Get over it.” I have to say I only write on Fridays.

And, yeah I’m another girl crying for Jon Snow, so what? Trust me there are still people crying over this.

I don’t have HBO or HBO Now. I don’t know nothing about what happened this season. So, when I went to Yahoo to check my e-mail on Monday, the first thing I read was about him. No spoiler alert or a general review of the season finale. No. Those morons threw it like everybody watched the show. (Buy the way, in the UK, Game of Thrones is showed on Monday.)

I felt the same way Jennifer Lawrence felt when she met Damian Lewis (Nicholas Brody on Homeland) and the reporter asked her if she knew that Brody died on the show. Jennifer was pissed.

“Oh my God! You’re mean. Now I have to wait for the DVD to watch it. You’re a monster.” She told the reporter.

This is my message for those people: “Thank you for ruining my Monday bunch of dirtbags. Happy now?”

And for the love of God, can you put better pictures of Jon? The ones that are used doesn’t make any justice for him. In short words, they were ugly. If you didn’t found better pictures, I suggest you to go here: and you have a huge variety of pictures to choose from like, for example, the one that I put here.

After seeing so many theories of his fate in the show, I’m really confused. And now I have to wait a year for the DVD to check the awesome episode everybody talks about and what really happened here.

And that really Sucks!

If that was the end of the 998th Lord Commander of the Nights Watch, he deserves a song. (Like the ones that, according to the books, were written for fallen heroes) He didn’t have a noble last name, but he did better that almost all the nobles of Westeros.

I just hope we can see more of Kit Harington after this. And thanks for your awesome job. You’ll be missed.

Ps. Kit Harington doesn’t have any social media accounts.

So these pages: and are independent sites dedicated to collect everything that he do since his career begin. They do an awesome job.


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